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"My imagination gave me a dual life: I lived in my body, and at the same time lived a life no one could see."

Brittany ✦ 18✦ Las Vegas

I have no idea what I'm doing with my life
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Come watch the moon with me.

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I was gonna write about you again.
but then I remembered you don’t care.
and I should be over this.
truthfully, I didn’t deal with it in the first place.
maybe that’s why it’s been pouring out of me lately.
the emotions and hurt, I mean.
they’re kind of drowning my fucking guts.
I want you to know I still think you’re as lovely as the sunsets I wanted to show you.
and the moon that I did.
I don’t know if you remember that but you said it was beautiful.
I remember thinking, I wish I could give it to you somehow.
because your eyes were so sad.
it would’ve been nice to see them in awe.
I looked at you in awe.
anyways, I want you to know I’m happy for you.
I’m pissed you’re not happy with me.
but that’s not really what people are supposed to say.
so I’ll just say I’m happy for you and leave it there.
I’d still give you the moon if I could.
I’d give you the whole fucking sky.
even if you wanted to share it with her instead.


I’m seriously tearing up…

im literally cry rn bc its so relevant


fuck. hadn’t read this in a while


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